What’s My House Worth Portland

What’s My House Worth Portland

Portland Oregon homeowners are asking “What’s My Home Worth” because there is such a pent up demand to sell homes at higher prices so home owners are very interested to know how much their house has increased in value since the bottom of them market a couple years ago. The are searching the internet and various websites trying to figure out how much their home has gone up in value. With the very low interest rates and flushing out of most Portland bank owned inventory and cash investors and flip investors taking most homes off the market creating a low amount of housing inventory in Portland this has lead to an increase in Portland house prices. Basic effect of supply and demand.

What's my home worth Portland
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Most cash investors consisted of buy and hold investors or flip investors who would repair the Portland homes they purchased and bring them back onto the market in repaired condition so that buyers using conventional, VA or FHA loan financing would be able to move right in without the cash needed to perform so many repairs. The buy and hold real estate investors are seriously wanting to know what their Portland rental homes are worth as many of them purchased at such low prices their individual portfolio ROI’s are off the chart!. Of course, most flip investors don’t experience this long term roi on their investments as they like to be in and out of the home transaction within 6 months and move their money to other investments.

Than, we have regular Portland home owners who aren’t flip investors or buy and hold investors and they also want to know what their Portland homes are worth. How much has their home value increased or gone up since they purchased their home. If they purchased during the peak of the market their home value may still not be as high as their purchase price – those who purchased their home at the bottom of the market will experience the greatest gain. Are you asking “What’s My Portland Home Worth”? Do you want to know if it has increased in value enough to entertain the idea of selling it and moving to another location or different home?

There are several real estate journals, blog related posts, forums, real estate websites and news reports all over the internet with charts and graphs depicting real estate housing market trends in Portland with the objective to let home owners and home buyers understand the price ranges of how much a home might sell for in a given Portland neighborhood. For example, you could search: How much is my home worth in Alberta Arts District, How much is my house worth in St Johns area or How much is my house worth Northwest Portland, How much is my house worth Mt. Tabor, How much is my house worth Concordia, What’s my home worth Piedmont, What’s my home worth Pearl District – as a result you will find price ranges of different Portland neighborhoods and be able to get some idea of how much your home is worth. You might even see historical prices as well as prices of homes sold recently in your neighborhood.

What’s My House Worth Portland

Whats My House Worth Portland
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